Feel Like a human again

Start a revival in your practice by eliminating the burdens of repetitive, manual tasks.


We automate

so you can rejuvenate

The true joy of healthcare is helping people, but burdensome manual processes make your practice feel like an emotionless machine.

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Save time by automating eligibility, authorization, claims entry, payment reconciliation, and more.

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Coverage Discovery

Find existing coverage not known to you or your patients. Find Medicaid, Commercial, Vision, and Other Plans.

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Instead of entering data manually in multiple systems, save time by having all your systems talk to each other.

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custom automations

Is your desired automation not listed here? We build a custom automations to save your practice time and money.

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get your time back

Manual processes are repetitive, inefficient and error prone. Once we help you automate these burdensome tasks, you’ll finally have the capacity to do better work.

Save Time with Insurance Automation
Automation Powers Better Patient Care

Make patients happy

Navigating insurance and disparate systems is difficult, but your patients don’t understand that. They just want it to be simple. We help you avoid adding strain to the relationship make life easier for your patients.

See Your ROI in real life

Automation increases practice efficiency, reduces managment and hiring headaches, and grows revenue. It makes a difference that you can see and feel daily.

Automation means bigger ROI

How to start a revival

Apply to Join the Revival

Tell us about your practice, your goals, and the technology challenges you’re facing.

Assign Repetitive
Tasks to Us

A Revival Health automation expert will help you enact the right workflow automations.

Feel Like a Human Again

With the robotic tasks gone, you get to prioritize what really matters; your patients.

our guarantee

Full ROI in 1 year from the day we go live—or we credit you the difference.


you’re in good company

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the revival starts with you

Your practice often gets bogged down in burdensome insurance tasks like regulations, claims, and referral authorizations. Plus, finding the right people to do those data-entry jobs is a never-ending responsibility. Revival Health uses technology to automate many of the menial tasks at your practice. You get to focus more on actually delivering top-quality care; a win for your patients and your bottom line.

Old Fashioned Patient Care