- Developed by working with 50+ systems, over 100's practices, 1000's providers and millions of patients
- 80,000 person hours automated resulting in over 2,500 life changing medical procedures.
- Guaranteed to free up your staff and help you focus on what matters most, patients.
- Save time, make more money, and focus on serving your patients.

SCOPE Process

Meet & Observe (1-3 Meetings)
Analyze Time Required and Projected ROI
Scope & Estimate Processes
Deliver Detailed Proposal

DESIGN Process

Design Interfaces, Reporting, and Configuration
Select Tools, Existing Components, and Resources
Ensure 100% HIPAA Compliance
Confirm or Adjust Proposal as Needed Based on Feedback

BUILD Process

Organize into Tasks
Write Code & Test
Review, Receive Feedback & Iterate
Complete, Integrate, & Move To Next Task Set

LAUNCH Process

Configure and Adjust to Specific Business Needs
Provide Help, Configuration, & Implementation Documentation
Train Team & Answer Questions
Go Live


Support, Train & Assist Staff
Learn, Adjust & Optimize Automations
Ensure Positive ROI
Identify New Automation Opportunities

Ongoing Performance

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks & Improve Employee Morale
Save at Least 40 Human Hours Every Month
Ongoing Reporting & Support
Guaranteed Positive Annual ROI

KEY elements

ROI Analysis: Guaranteed ROI’s done throughout the entire process.
Monitoring: Get alerted when automated systems are down and be assured when they’re up and running.
Reporting: There are no fully automated process. We must know what humans need todo and how things are going.
Support & Service: All automations are built with customer support in mind.
Scalable Infrastructure: Our infrastructure is built by code and in the cloud and thus scales as you do.
Security / HIPAA: We build secure & compliant systems with month-to-month monitoring and adjusting.
Reusable Components: We keep costs down by building reusable micro components that are common to our customers.
Configuration / Flexibility: We determine what needs the ability to be adjusted and what can be standardized, giving you full control to shift and change as needed.

How to start a revival

Apply to Join the Revival

Tell us about your practice, your goals, and the technology challenges you’re facing.

Assign Repetitive
Tasks to Us

A Revival Health automation expert will help you enact the right workflow automations.

Feel Like a Human Again

With the robotic tasks gone, you get to prioritize what really matters; your patients.

our guarantee

Full ROI in 1 year from the day we go live—or we credit you the difference.