Coverage Discovery

Find benefits before or after a patient is seen.

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Customizable by PM system, practice type, and business needs.

24/7 Monitoring

Constant monitoring by Revival Health Customer Support and proactive notifications if there is an issue.

Easy Reporting

We make it simple to create and customize reports to get the right information to the right people.

Guaranteed roi

Guaranteed ROI within one year from when the automation goes live or we will credit the difference.


When the time comes, you can easily expand to new systems, insurance providers, automations.

HipAa Compliant

Technical safeguards to protect against unauthorized access to protected health information.

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More about coverage discovery AUTOMATION

Find Benefits before or after a patient is seen so the insurance company can be billed for service. Powerful, money generating automation for providers who see patients even when they don’t know if they're covered.

Proactively identify additional coverage.

Providers that quickly uncover previously unidentified coverage using Coverage Discovery are often paid sooner and avoid the collections challenges of self-pay receivables.

Automate the self-pay scrubbing process.

Coverage Discovery uses best practices around search, historical information, multiple proprietary data sources and demographic validation to find previously unknown coverage.

Maximize insurance reimbursement revenue.

Efficient and comprehensive, Coverage Discovery continuously scans for insurance coverage to maximize reimbursements and minimize accounts sent to collections and to charity.

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